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Eagle is a brand that was brought to life by Chrysler in 1987 with the acquisition of American Motors Corporation. The name comes from one of the last models produced by AMC. The first two models of the Eagle brand – the Premier and the Medallion – were developed by AMC in cooperation with Renault. The most famous model, however, was the Eagle Vision (sold in Europe as Chrysler Vision), a mid-range sedan produced in 1993-1997. However, due to unsatisfactory sales results, the production of Eagle cars was discontinued in 1998.

Meaning and History

Eagle Emblema

Throughout its ten-year existence, the company has never changed its logo. The main element of the emblem was the eagle’s head turned to the side. It is worth noting that the eagle was not depicted with wings, as other companies did. The eagle is a popular symbol in logo design. It is associated with America, symbolizes freedom, power and greatness.

Emblem and Symbol

Eagle Logo

It would be strange if a company called Eagle had a logo with something other than the eagle itself. The logo of this trade brand is a triangle with arched sides in the form of a shield, inside which there is a contour image of an eagle’s head. The emblem is completely black with white contour lines.