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Trabant is a passenger car brand founded in the German Democratic Republic. The name refers to the launch of the sputnik from the USSR into space. Trabant means satellite in Latin and German. The brand was a development of a small, cheap AWZ P70 car, which was produced in the same plants as the later Trabant – VEB Sachsenring Automobilwerk in Zwickau.

Meaning and History

Trabant Logo

For all its 34 years of existence (1957-1991), the company has had only one logo. It had a round shape in white with a black rim around it, inside which was a symbol resembling a stylized lightning bolt. Under the circle was the name of the company in black and the small abbreviation IFA on the left side.

Emblem and Symbol

Trabant Emblem

The company emblem was completely silver, and its appearance resembled the logo of the Opel company.